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The Benefits of Sierra Stone:

Sierra Stone can be applied over virtually any solid surface with proper penetration, thereby affording the commercial or residential user an easy solution to contractor's mistakes, natural disaster, weathering or just surface aging.

Sierra Stone's natural stone look and shine is unmatched by any other outdoor paving surface. With a wide array of colors available, customization options are endless.

Sierra Stone is porous, eliminating standing water (no puddles). Like water flowing through sand, water runs through Sierra Stone. It can be installed over drains since water will flow though to the drain. Sierra Sealcoat epoxy will waterproof those surfaces requiring waterproofing beforehand.

Sierra Stone can be installed without regard to expansion joints and without seams making it a designer's choice!

Sierra Stone is manufactured and installed to withstand heavy traffic such as showrooms, garages and pedestrian walkways. Sierra Stone can be repaired with hardly a trace should something chip or crack it.

Sierra Stone quickly cures in a matter of hours and can be walked on and driven on not too long after installation